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In parents of children ≤2 years of age, 13% were smokers. The most common reason for quitting was being pregnant. Respiratory symptoms in children did NOT predict quitting smoking by the parents. Parents on Medicaid were more likely to smoke than others, (OR 5.7) and less likely to quit (OR = 0.2).

Comment: We know that increasing the excise tax on cigarettes helps reduce the number of teens who start smoking, as teens are very price-sensitive. However, this study found that financially poor parents were more likely to smoke and less likely to quit. Thus, would an increase in the excise tax get these parents to quit smoking, or would they end up cutting back financially on the needs of their children, and continue to spend what little money they have on cigarettes? This is a complex issue, but a smoking rate of 13% among parents of young children is too high.

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