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This study found that high LDL and low HDL cholesterol levels were associated with an increased Pittsburgh Compound B (PIB) index, which is a marker for the development of Alzheimer's Disease. Total cholesterol level and statin use was not associated with the PIB index.

Comment: This study suggests, but does not prove, that anything increasing the HDL and decreasing LDL cholesterol levels will have beneficial effects on delaying or preventing Alzheimer's Disease. By extension, this would mean that statins would be beneficial as long as they increased HDL and decreased LDL, but that statins did not have any additional benefit beyond their effect on HDL and LDL levels.

JAMA Neurol. 2014 Feb;71(2):195-200.    (retrieved Apr, 2014). There are currently 993 pearls in the database. While every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy, mistakes can and do occur. Use databank at your own risk. All pearls © 2020 by the Internet Medical Association. Click Here to view more medical pearls.