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This study found that aggressive medical management was superior to vascular stenting for high risk patients with intracranial stenosis after TIA or stroke.

Comment: In this study, 451 patients with recent transient ischaemic attack or stroke related to 70-99% stenosis of a major intracranial artery were randomized to aggressive medical management with or without stenting. Stenting the lesion did not help in this study. Aggressive medical management consisted of antiplatelet therapy, intensive management of vascular risk factors, and a lifestyle-modification program.

Lancet. 2014 Jan 25;383(9914):333-41    (retrieved Feb, 2014). There are currently 1084 pearls in the database. While every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy, mistakes can and do occur. Use databank at your own risk. All pearls © 2021 by the Internet Medical Association. Click Here to view more medical pearls.