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This study found that prolonged exposure therapy was more effective than supportive counseling in sexual abuse-related post-traumatic stress disorder.

Comment: In brief, exposure therapy in this case consisted of 8 modules presented to the patient over a span of several weeks. 1) presentation of exposure therapy rationale. 2) information gathering including identification of an index trauma. In addition, begin a breathing retraining exercise. 3) a presentation of common reactions to trauma. 4) discussion with patient of the rationale for confronting trauma in real life, and how to deal with it. 5) imaging exercises. 6) imaging of the worst moments of the trauma. 7) learning how to generalize skills gained in the previous modules. 8) wrap-up of lessons learned. More information is on Wikipedia (http://bit.ly/MAyWVI) and the VA website for PTSD in veterans (http://1.usa.gov/MAz3kf).

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